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One year after the so-called Euromaidan demonstrations convulsed Ukraine and toppled its leadership, RFE/RL Senior Correspondent Daisy Sindelar set out to explore the dynamics behind the crisis and the continued fighting.

In a visual survey of memory and identity, "My Ukraine" comprises a series of 14 short memoirs told through old family photographs by Ukrainians from various ethnicities and walks of life.

The subjects share their personal stories and their understandings of who Ukrainians are and who they want to be.

“This is a big, ethnically complicated country where everyone’s personal story feeds into the way they feel about the Euromaidan protests, relationships with Russia, relationships with Poland and with the West,” said Sindelar.

“It’s a country that was so dramatically affected by the events of the 20th century that I feel there’s really no one you can talk to who hasn’t been touched in some way.”