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Experts Tackle Muslim Integration, Terrorism at RFE/RL Conference

(Prague, Czech Republic -- October 30, 2007) Senior diplomats and experts on Islam from the United States, Iraq, Turkey, Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic today called for intensified dialogue between western and Islamic communities at a conference sponsored by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty at its Prague headquarters.

The conference, titled "What Unites Us, What Divides Us" tackled tough questions on terrorism and issues for Islam and the West.

Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Alexandr Vondra emphasized the importance of Turkey in international affairs, saying "Europe and the United States need... (Turkey's) strategic collaboration on difficult issues." He suggested, "The West's relationship with Turkey could serve as a model for future relations with the Islamic world."

Michael Rubin of the Washington-based American Enterprise Institute spoke about the importance of technology in spreading a range of ideas and different schools of thought. According to Rubin, "in Iraq, the militias spread through force of arms what is not in the hearts and minds of most people."

The conference was held in cooperation with the Czech Civic Institute, the German Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the American Cultural Center in Prague.

RFE/RL broadcasts in 28 languages to 20 countries close to 1,000 hours a week. Two thirds of its broadcasts are to primarily Muslim audiences and to countries and territories with Muslim majority populations.