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Georgia Analyst Interview on 'New York Times,' 'Newsweek,' Council on Foreign Relations Websites

(Washington, DC--January 9, 2008) An interview with RFE/RL Caucasus analyst Elizabeth Fuller and conducted by Bernard Gwertzman of has been posted to that website and the websites of "The New York Times" and "Newsweek".

The interview, "Despite Apparent Reelection, Saakashvili's Popularity Not High" is an examination of the January 5 presidential election in the Republic of Georgia, the circumstances that led to the vote and what the re-election of Mikheil Saakashvili might mean for Georgia's relations with Russia. Fuller was interviewed previously by, the website of the Council on Foreign Relations, in November 2007 on the protests that led to the Caucasus country's snap presidential election this past weekend.