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Kyrgyz Service Wins Slew of Awards

Shailoobek Duisheev is presented with an award by the Kyrgyz veteran journalist Sulaiman Mambetaliev, 82, which the award is also named after.
RFE/RL's Kyrgyz service, Radio Azattyk, was the recipient of numerous awards at the end of 2009, collecting more than 12 honors from various newspapers, agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The following is a sampling of some of the more prominent awards:


"Best Media Outlet in Kyrgystan in 2009"
Radio Azattyk received this award from Nazar ("View"), an independent Kyrgyz newspaper, for its "outstanding, unbiased, and relentless coverage of events in Kyrgyzstan."

"Best Human Rights Activist Of the Year"
Jarkyn Temirbaeva, a Bishkek-based stringer for Radio Azattyk, received this award from Kyrgyz Rukhu ("Kyrgyz Spirit"), another independent Kyrgyz newspaper, for her reporting on human rights issues in Kyrgyzstan. Mrs. Temirbaeva was also among the winners of the human rights feature competition hosted by the Soros Foundation in Kyrgyzstan.

Government/official agency awards:

"Best Journalist of the Year"
Amanbek Japarov, a Bishkek staffer for Radio Azattyk, was given a "first degree" certificate by the Kyrgyz Ombudsman's office for his human rights reporting in 2009.

"Best Supporter Of Young Human Rights Activists 2009"
Eleonora Mambetshakirova, a young Radio Azattyk journalist, was given this award by the Council for Protection of Youth and Students' Rights, under the Kyrgyz Ombudsman's office.

"Best Journalist of 2009"
Janarbek Akaev, a 23-year-old correspondent for Radio Azattyk in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, received this award from the Osh Regional Administration for his "outstanding" youth-oriented radio features in 2009.


"Best Coverage of Contemporary Kyrgyz Society"
Awarded to Radio Azattyk by Eco-garmoniya Zhenshshin ("Women's Environmental Harmony Foundation"), a Kyrgyz NGO.

"The Clattering Sound of Spiritual Movement" (Best Arts Discovery of 2009)
This peculiarly-named award was given by the Zamandash ("Contemporary") Association to Shailoobek Duisheev, a Bishkek-based correspondent for Radio Azattyk and a renowned contemporary Kyrgyz poet, for his new version of the 500,000-line Kyrgyz epic poem entitled "Manas." Duisheev also received an award named after the Kyrgyz veteran journalist Sulaiman Mambetaliev, 82 (pictured above).

--Alex Mayer