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(Cue soaring soundtrack...) RFE/RL Kicks Off Olympic Coverage

Fireworks explode over Tower Bridge during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, 27Jul2012
From every corner of RFE/RL's broadcasting region, we bring you coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. In addition to the sampling of stories below, you can find profiles of individual Olympians and follow regular updates on our Olympics page.

Let the games begin...

# From two (female Saudi athletes) to 13 billion (dollars spent to put on the Olympics), a numerical look at the biggest sporting event on the planet.

# The International Weightlifting Federation changed its rules to allow athletes to wear Islamic dress, and the London Games will feature the first team, from the United Arab Emirates, to take part an international competition in hijab. Unfortunately, as one of the first female Saudi athletes ever to compete in the Olympics has discovered, the same rules don't apply to the judo competition, and her hijab must come off.

# Changing passports to compete for another country has long been common practice among athletes, but the number of Olympians doing so is growing.

# The International Olympic Committee has never given cash prizes to medalists, but many countries are promising lucrative bonuses to those who bring home the glory.

# Iran's Fars news agency reported on the thousands of cellphones that will be either stolen or lost during the Olympic Games, and illustrated the story by using a graphic of the five famous Olympic colored condoms.

# The Soviet Union is dead, long live the Soviet Union! Armenia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan are just a few of the countries that were mislabeled as Russian territories in an official Olympic line-up.

# The Olympics are supposed to be about winning and good sportsmanship, but not everyone plays by the same rules. Stay classy, Offensive Olympians.

# Finally, the most important question posed at any massively publicized event: Who are you wearing?