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RFE/RL Roundup: Belarusian Teddy Bears Parachuting for Free Speech, and Other Top Stories This Week

Graphic promoting the Teddybear Airdrop, a pro-free speech protest over Belarus by Swedish activists, 04June2012
Graphic promoting the Teddybear Airdrop, a pro-free speech protest over Belarus by Swedish activists, 04June2012
Take a trip around RFE/RL's broadcast regions with a sampling of our most popular stories this week.

# BELARUS - Residents of a town outside Minsk have confirmed a Swedish man's claims that he helped drop teddy bears from the sky over Belarus to promote free speech there.

# IRAN - Golnaz Esfandiari reports that Iranian officials says hackers manipulated results of an online poll about halting uranium-enrichment in return for the removal of sanctions.

# RUSSIA - U.S. rock band Faith No More captured headlines in Russia this week when it welcomed masked members of Pussy Riot, the embattled all-girl, anti-Putin punk group, onto the stage during its concert in Moscow. In an email interview, Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottom tells correspondent Kirill Filimonov why his band is standing behind Pussy Riot.

# UKRAINE - A fiercely disputed vote on the status of the Russian language in Ukraine has sparked angry protests, scuffles among lawmakers, and the resignation of parliament's speaker.

# CENTRAL ASIA - As the new EU special representative for Central Asia, German diplomat Patricia Flor will play a key role in shaping Brussels' policy in the region. She spoke to correspondent Rikard Jozwiak about the challenges ahead.

# CAUCASUS - Daisy Sindelar takes a look at screen images of Caucasians from the days of Soviet silent film up to the 2008 Russian-Georgian war.

# TAJIKISTAN - Instead of guns, Farangis Najibullah reports that creative villagers in the mountainous Kulob region fend off predators and other four-legged interlopers with MP3 players.

# KAZAKHSTAN - In RFE/RL's continuing "Silly Dictators" series, Kazakhs and citizens of the world alike can study the many works of President Nursultan Nazarbaev and attend a university bearing his name -- and everyone can do it "The Kazakhstan Way."

# AZERBAIJAN - Correspondent Khadija Ismayilova discussed journalist intimidation on Al Jazerra's popular "The Stream."

# AFGHANISTAN - Trucks carrying NATO supplies resumed their routes to Afghanistan this week, ending a seven-month blockade.

# PAKISTAN - From our "Friday Photos From..." Facebook gallery, Radio Mashaal offers a photographic look at the living conditions for a group of nomads who move and live throughout the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region.