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RFE/RL's Weekly Summer Reading Round-up

A player on the Afghan National Women's Cricket Team trains at a school in Kabul.
A player on the Afghan National Women's Cricket Team trains at a school in Kabul.
Suggested summer reading (and watching) from our RFE/RL Services:

# Nearly a century ago, ethnic Armenians fled Turkey and sought shelter in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, and in the decades since have evolved into one of the cosmopolitan city's most vibrant and prosperous minority communities. But mounting violence in the city has cast doubt on the fate of the city's Armenians, as many have already fled the city that once offered their parents and grandparents safe harbor.

# Can Pussy Riot still claim the "punk" title with a ® after its name? The strange business of activism as worldwide brand.

# A scandal surrounding the purchase of a thoroughbred horse has brought down the Kyrgyz parliament and likely ended the prime minister's career.

# Facing government pressures, litigious corporations, and fickle service providers, a decentralized, sometimes chaotic future is likely what's in store for the digital-whistleblowing descendants of Wikileaks.

# Weary of the Taliban’s draconian rule and backward policies, a band of Afghan villagers have mounted an unlikely rebellion against the militants -- and seemingly won. With growing discontent of the Taliban and its tactics, the spreading uprising could gain footing in disgruntled communities across Afghanistan.

# Also from Afghanistan: They have no official funding, they have to clear the weeds off their own playing field, and their wicket is made of bricks instead of wood, but the Afghan national women's cricket team is ready to play.