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Central News, Kyrgyz Service Video Projects Share Victory (Sep-Oct)

In Russia, Afghanistan, and Georgia, Preserving The Written Word
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In Russia, Afghanistan, and Georgia, Preserving The Written Word

"In Russia, Afghanistan, and Georgia, Preserving The Written Word"

This joint effort by the Central Newsroom and the Russian and Georgian services takes a creative look at how the ancient practice of cursive writing -- also known as script writing, running writing, or more commonly, just handwriting -- is being replaced by modern technology. The wide availability of desktop publishing tools is also threatening the centuries-old practice of calligraphy (in Greek, "beautiful writing"), as Radio Azadi reporter and calligrapher Mustafa Sarwar points out.

A well-written script knits together video clips from Russia, Afghanistan and Georgia in a successful project managed by Central News and with vital contributions from three language services to highlight the important role played by traditional cursive writing in each of these societies.


"Incidents and Tragedies at the Border Patrol"

In a brilliantly framed video, Kyrgyz Service correspondents travel to the remote Kyrgyz-Chinese frontier to document the rage of soldiers who are turning their weapons on each other. The subject is a powerful one -- 19 deaths in 11 months -- as are the visuals, the camera shots, the graphics, and the narration. The correspondents accepted the challenge of traveling to the border region in order to uncover the emotion and suffering that have been ignored by all other media.

After the Kyrgyz Service aired the video on its national television program, the Kyrgyz parliament announced it would debate the issue -- thus providing hope to the families of those serving in the border regions.