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RFE/RL Reports: The Sum of all Fears

Still of protagonist "Bekzod Sobirov" from the Uzbek feature film "River Song"
Still of protagonist "Bekzod Sobirov" from the Uzbek feature film "River Song"
Fears -- of a return to civil war in Afghanistan, of Central Asian governments forcibly repatriating opponents, of the impact of new Internet laws in Russia, of Uzbek youth falling prey to the evil influence of computer games -- are the subject of these four original RFE/RL reports.

# Fears of an impending civil war in Afghanistan gained fresh impetus recently after a prominent former warlord said he had remobilized his militia in western Afghanistan. Frud Bezhan reports.

# Rights-watchers say they are concerned by a growing trend in which Tajiks, Uzbeks, and other Central Asians facing politically motivated charges at home are being kidnapped in Russia and transferred to jails back home. Daisy Sindelar and Tom Balmforth report.

# In the two weeks since a controversial law regulating the Internet came into effect in Russia, several popular entertainment websites have been unexpectedly blocked. The legislation has sparked fears of a crackdown on the Internet and fueled accusations that the law was rushed through parliament and badly thought out. Tom Balmforth reports from Moscow.

# A cautionary new feature film in Uzbekistan called "River Song" sounds the alarm over young people's rapidly growing appetite for computer gaming. A report from our Uzbek Service and Andy Heil.

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