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Harrowing Story on Pakistani Child Bride Wins for Radio Mashaal

Pakistan - Bibi Roza (pictured), a 6-year-old girl from the Swat Valley. Her family say tribal authorities are forcing them to marry off their daughter to resolve a family feud.
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Radio Mashaal's coverage of the case of Bibi Roza, a 6-year-old girl who was nearly forced into marriage after a local tribal assembly in the Swat Valley ordered the union to resolve a clan dispute, was a near-unanimous choice for November’s pick. Radio Mashaal's intrepid and timely reporting played a significant role in convincing local police to block the wedding and arrest several members of the tribal assembly who organized the marriage. It also helped focus attention on the challenges facing women and girls living in Swat.

Runner Up: The judges noted the hard work of the Central Newsroom and the Ukrainian Service for their respective coverage of November’s U.S. presidential elections and the October’s Ukrainian parliamentary vote. The latter was praised for its ingenious reporting as it followed how voting played out in a single electoral district.