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The Rundown -- July 10

RFE/RL in the Media
# Read Richard Solash in "The Atlantic" on how the Caucasian mountains may influence the languages of the region
# "Al Jazeera" reports on satellite jamming during RFE/RL broadcasts to Azerbaijan
# Malcolm Gladwell profiles Konrad Kellen, who worked for RFE/RL in Munich
# “In Egypt, a Violent Step Backward” - Gehad El-Haddad, “The Washington Post”
# “Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Faces Stark Choice” - Abigail Hauslohner, “The Washington Post”
# Gulf nations agree to provide billions in aid to Egypt
# Journalist in Dagestan, who survived attempt on life in January, shot dead
# Following year of scandals, Bolshoi Theatre fires director
# Russian Ambassador claims Syrian opposition fighters used Sarin nerve gas
# A review of Ben Judah’s “Fragile Empire” calls it the “best one-stop account of the Putin era
# “Abandon Afghanistan? A Dumb Idea” - Peter Bergen, “CNN”
# “Is Afghanistan Destined to be Run by a Drug Mafia?” - Ron Moreau, “Newsweek/Daily Beast”
# “Silk Road festival, Afghanistan: Goat Polo, Tug-of-War and Dreams of Peace” - Emma Graham-Harrison, “The Guardian”
# “Iran Launches 'National Email Service'” - Saeed Kamali Dehghan, “The Guardian”
# “Iran’s Losing Bet in Egypt” - Mehdi Khalaji, “The Washington Institute”
# Rare suicide-bombing attempt prevented in Iran
Central Asia
# Silvio Berlusconi ally in Parliament accused of improperly ordering “extraordinary rendition” of wife and child to Kazakhstan
Eastern Europe
# “Ukrainian Villagers Say Alleged Police Rape Case Just Tip Of Iceberg” - Yevhen Solonyna and Inna Kuznetsova, “RFE/RL”
# Russia targets chocolate and Turkey goes after Walnuts in response to Ukraine car tariff
# Plan to save aluminum plant in Montenegro could threatens country's chances of entering E.U.
# Remains of 409 Srebrenica victims identified
# Iraq “explodes with joy” as under-20 team beats South Korea
# Video - Good (sports) news out of Belarus - An amazing goal from 70 yards out
# First player from Kashmir to join India’s national cricket team
Of Interest
# What would planets look like if they were as close to us as the moon is?