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The Rundown -- July 11

RFE/RL in the Media
# Read Tom Balmforth in “The Atlantic” on Russia’s “digital vigilantes
# “The New York Times” cites “RFE/RL” interview on Bolshoi Theatre scandal
# In Egypt, Qatar’s loss is Saudi Arabia’s gain
# Elliot Abrams says foreign aid needs to stop; Evelyn Gordon says it needs to continue
# Is Snowden really at Sheremetyevo?
# “For $50 Million You Too Can Enter Putin Moscow Playhouse” - Stepan Kravchenko, Evgenia Pismennaya & Irina Reznik, “Bloomberg”
# Ethnic tensions smolder after stabbing in southern town of Pugachyov
# Aleksei Navalny enters race for mayor, then gets detained
# “A Brand-New U.S. Military Headquarters in Afghanistan. And Nobody to Use It” - Rajiv Chandrasekaran, “The Washington Post”
# “Yes, The US Can Live With Taliban Rule” - Zachary Keck, “The Diplomat”
# State Department attempts to spoof Ayman al-Zawahiri
# Abbottabad report doesn't address who knew beforehand
# “Hopes Rise for Appeal of Ex-Marine Held in Iran” - Rick Gladstone, “The New York Times”
# Is Armenia beginning to address high-level corruption?
# "Will New Tax Law Hit the Oligarchs?" - Roman Olearchyk, “The Financial Times”

Central Asia
# "Amnesty International" report says Kazakhstan "pulling the wool" over eyes of the world
Of Interest
# A personal account on life as a freelance war correspondent
# NPR working on a “Pandora for news
# European fighters in Syria called a “ticking timebomb
# Most people in the world think corruption is increasing