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The Rundown -- July 12

# "Sudden Improvements in Egypt Suggest a Campaign to Undermine Morsi" - Ben Hubbard and David D. Kirkpatrick, “The New York Times”
# U.S. planning on sending fighter jets to Egypt
# Egyptian journalist said to be killed by Army sniper he filmed
# Photos - 1952 coup
# “Lawmakers say administration’s lack of candor on surveillance weakens oversight” - Peter Wallsten, “The Washington Post”
# Feds not invited to “Defcon” hacker conference this year
# Khalid Sheikh Mohammed built a vacuum cleaner
# Woman stoned to death for having mobile phone
# Should the UK still be in Afghanistan?
# Bill Browder calls posthumous conviction of Magnitsky, “one of the most shameful moments for Russia since the days of Josef Stalin;” NPR on “the strange case
# Obituary- The man who spent his life chronicling Stalin
# Olga Krause describes her life as a lesbian in Russia
# Putin now more popular in the regions than in Moscow, according to poll
# Peter Pomerantsev on the Navalny case and Russian fairy tales
# Kids take pictures with tigers in Russia
# “How Azerbaijan Is Like 'The Godfather'” - Michael Weiss, “The Atlantic”
Central Asia
# “It’s party-time on spaceship Nursultan” as Astana celebrates 15th anniversary - “The Economist”
# Radovan Karadzic war crimes charges reinstated
# Kosovo grants amnesty to minority Serbs who rebelled against new government
# Jay-Z thinks he can do what Marina Abramovic does
Eastern Europe
# “Moldova’s Gray Cardinal” - Dmitri Romanovski, “Transitions Online”
Of Interest
# Saudi princess accused of holding a slave in California
# “Al Jazeera America: A Unicorn Is Born” - Joe Pompeo, “New York”