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The Rundown -- July 16

RFE/RL in the Media
# “The Washington Post” obituary for Anton Antonov-Ovseyenko highlights 2010 interview with “Radio Liberty”
# “Forbes” opinion piece quotes “RFE/RL” reporting on unrest in Pugaghev
# “Bring Back Egypt’s Elected Government” - Jeffrey D. Sachs, “Project Syndicate”
# “Egyptian Liberals Embrace the Military, Brooking No Dissent” - David D. Kirkpatrick, “The New York Times”
# “Egypt's Other Existential Crisis — the Nile” - Brian Stewart, “CBC”
# “The Muslim Brotherhood’s More Frightening Offshoot” - Joseph Braude, “The Atantic”
# “Delivering Mail in Kabul, Where Streets Have No Name” - Mushtaq Mojaddidi, “AFP”
# “Confessions of a Taliban Fighter” - Kevin Sites, “Vice”
# "Afghanistan: What Pakistan Wants" - Anatol Lieven, "The New York Review of Books"
# Few people are talking about Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan
# “N.S.A. Leaks Revive Push in Russia to Control Net” - Andrew E. Kramer, “The New York Times”
# Putin on Snowden: “It’s his life, his fate
# Masha Gessen questions “human rights” credentials of some in Snowden meeting
# A rundown of the split in Russian human rights community re Snowden
Central Asia
# “Kyrgyz President Attacks UK for 'Hosting a Guy who Robbed Us'” - Maxton Walker, “The Guardian”
# “Astana and Fugitive Banker Argue over Fate of Wife” - Joanna Lillis, “Eurasianet”
# “Where is Hasan Choriev” - Nate Schenkkan, “Freedom House”
# “Uzbekistan Media: We Should Join NATO, Conquer Eurasia” - Joshua Kucera, “Eurasianet”
# Iranian bloggers discuss whether Rouhani reforms are possible
# European courts are cancelling some Iran sanctions
# Netanyahu says Iran weeks from crossing “red line”
# “Iran’s Next President Faults Ahmadinejad on Economy” - Thomas Erdbrink and Rick Gladstone, “The New York Times”
# “Director vs Dictator” in Azerbaijan presidential contest
# 15,000 square meters of property returned to Armenian community in Diyarbakurir, Turkey.
# NPR reports on Georgian bbq secrets
Of Interest
# New form of transportation promises to be "a cross between a Concorde, a rail gun, and an air hockey table"
# “On Getting Drunk in Antarctica" - Olga Khazan, “The Atlantic”
# “How Jewish Extremism Threatens Zionism” - Jeffrey Goldberg, “Foreign Affairs”
# Here’s a relatively easy way for hackers to access your information