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The Rundown -- July 24

RFE/RL in the Media
# The Huffington Post cites Richard Solash’s story on a gay wedding involving a Belarusian man
# “The Global Post” cites Frud Bezhan’s reporting on a new Fatwa against women in Afghanistan

# “Syria’s Middle East Ripple Effect” - Anthony H. Cordesman, “The Washington Post”
# House and Senate panels approve arms aid to Syrian rebels
# Some Syrian opposition forces accepting Assad amnesty
# Putin says he was secretly baptized
# Why “Putin should worry” about Navalny
# “Why Putin is Still so Popular in Russia” - Christopher Read, “The Atlantic”
# “Not a Promising Start: Sartaj Aziz’s Kabul Visit” - Editorial, “Dawn”
# Site claims leaked report shows more civilian casualties than acknowledged in drone strikes
# Terror plot against Nawaz Sharif allegedly foiled
# “Bus Ride Across Pakistan Brings Lost Boys Home” - “Associated Press”
# “If Trayvon were Pakistani” - Micah Zenko, “Foreign Policy”
# “Judges, Not Generals, Emerge as Pakistan's Dominant Actors” - Syed Fazl-e-Haider, “The National”
# Hundreds Al-Qaeda linked militants escape in Abu-Ghraib attack
# 250 killed in the last 10 days
# “Why The Massive Jailbreak In Iraq Is Worse Than You Think” - Hayes Brown, “Think Progress”
# Sen. Lindsey Graham says he will ask Congress to authorize war on Iran if relationship doesn’t improve
# “U.S. Plans to Bring Iran Oil Exports Down to Zero” - Michael Wilner, “Jerusalem Post”
Eastern Europe
# Leaked video appears to show household tools used for surgery in Moldova
# Belarus leads the world in spam
Central Asia
# News reports say oligarch’s wife will be allowed to return to Italy
# Uzbek border guard apparently killed in shootout with Kyrgyz guard
Of Interest
# The first Saudi woman to direct a feature film
# “Forget About Trying to Contain Germany, We Should Copy It” - Boris Johnson, “The Telegraph”
# “The Doctrine of [Samantha] Power” - Paula Broadwell, “Prospect”