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The Rundown -- July 29

RFE/RL in the Media
# "Columbia Journalism Review" covers the continued harassment of RFE/RL Azeri journalist Khadija Ismayilova
# Golnaz Esfandiari featured in public radio discussion on Iran
# Over 70 killed in Egypt on Saturday morning
# Muslim Brotherhood "in crisis" throughout the Middle East as it debates its proper path in Egypt
# "In Egypt, Journey Down Nile of Discontent" - Kristen Chick, "Christian Science Monitor"
# al-Qaeda serves up ice cream
# Syria breaking into three
# "Behind the Curve on Syria" - Anne Applebaum, "The Washington Post"

Peace Negotiations
# Israel, Palestinians to begin peace talks
# Gay teens ruthlessly harassed by “vigilantes”
# Dan Savage is boycotting Russian vodka, including Stolichnaya, which says it stands “strong and proud” with LGBT
# Sochi guests will be exempt from anti-gay laws
# “Snowden’s Lawyer Comes With High Profile and Kremlin Ties” - Steven Lee Myers, “The New York Times”
# All you need to know about Vladimir Putin's pike
# “President-Elect Stirs Optimism in Iran and West” - Thomas Erdbrink, “The New York Times”
# "The Rouhani Fan Club Jamboree" - Jonathan S. Tobin, "Commentary"
# Ahmadinejad to set up university
# "Iran walks a tightrope on its support for Hizbollah" - Michael Theodoulou, "The National"
# "Israel vs. Iran, Again" - Jonathan Tepperman, "The New York Times"
# Karzai to visit Pakistan
# India and Pakistan to renew peace talks
# Afghanistan's "Open Jirga" TV show brings ministers face-to-face with public
# Can withdrawing from Afghanistan undermine the Taliban's case for war?
Central Asia
# "Cool Runnings" in Tajikstan as skiers prep for Olympics
# "Al Jazeera" special on "Tajikistan's Missing Men"
Eastern Europe
#“Brokeback in Belarus” - Alyona Soiko, “BuzzFeed”
# Daughter of Belarusian opposition businessman kidnapped and beaten by unknown assailants (in Russian)
#Three Femen members allege kidnapping
# War crimes suspect arrested in Kosovo
# A political tour of the Balkans
# The other separation barriers
# “Europe’s New Jewish Question” - Ronald S. Lauder, “Project Syndicate”; and a response
# Photo gallery - "Stasi Style"
# "Revamping the Nagorny Karabakh Peace Process" - Thomas de Waal, "Carnegie Endowment for International Peace"
# Can N. Caucasus strategy of Azerbaijan and Georgia help the countries increase influence?
# "Breaking out of Abu Ghraib" - Jon Lee Anderson, "The New Yorker"