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The Rundown -- July 30

Iran, Tehran -- two young man read newspaper
Iran, Tehran -- two young man read newspaper
RFE/RL in the Media

# Read Robert Coalson in "The Atlantic" on Aleksei Navalny's nationalist streak
# "U.S. Balancing Act With Egypt Grows Trickier" - Mark Landler, "The New York Times"
# "Sisi's Islamist Agenda for Egypt" - Robert Springborg, "Foreign Affairs"
# Photo - Louie Armstrong plays for wife in Giza, 1961
# A Conversation with Father Paolo of Syria
# Two Syrians try to leave
# "West Needs to Criticise Putin – but not Support His Rivals" - Anatol Lieven, "The Financial Times"
# Aeroflot to launch "budget" airline
"From Russia, Unbreakable Computer Code" - Clay Dillow, "Fortune"
# Video - Paradise wants to be an Afghan hip-hop star
# Monitoring Afghanistan after the pullout
# "Afghanistan Waters Filled With Swan Boats" - Jay Price, "McClatchy"
# Migratory birds being killed in Afghanistan
# Leader of Pakistan's MQM party lives in London
# Conservative MP, Ahmadinejad foe, calls for release of political prisoners
# On trying to buy birth control in Iran
# Anglican ex-bishop says Rouhani is "best hope for peace"
# "Hassan Rouhani's Burden" - Ray Takeyh, "Los Angeles Times"
# Iran's next foreign minister is U.S.-educated
# Photo - Tehran, as seen from the International Space Station
# A bus boycott in Yerevan
Eastern Europe
# Law enforcement trained for cyber-crime and sex-trafficking prevention in Moldova
# Major Ukrainian chocolate brand banned by Russia
Of Interest
# "Confessions of a Google Glass Explorer" - Gary Shteyngart, "The New Yorker"
# "The Seven Wikipedia Topics More Controversial Than Jesus" - Melissa Stefan, "Christianity Today"
# "What the Pope Meant by His Gay Priests Comment" - David M. Perry, "The Atlantic"

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