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The Rundown - July 31

RFE/RL in the Media

# "Foreign Policy" cites Coilin O'Connor's piece on Macedonia's failure to respond to violence during Gay Pride Week
Bradley Manning
# Bill Keller on Manning and Snowden
# Ashton meets with Morsi - her statement
# Obama asks McCain, Graham to go to Egypt
# Insurgency "taking root" in Sinai
# Aerial photos of utter destruction in Homs
# Assad on Instagram
Peace Talks
# "Kerry Says Goal Is Mideast Peace Deal Within 9 Months" - Michael R. Gordon, "The New York Times"
# "Palestine's Plan B" - Grant Rumley, "The National Interest"
# Facts on settlement population hard to come by
# Russian lawmaker who sponsored first "gay propaganda" bill says anti-gay laws will apply during Olympics
# Russian softpower: Panslavism in the 19th century; Communism in the 20th; and Rossotrudnichestvo in the 21st?
"America and Russia Can Skip a Reboot" - Job C. Henning, "The New York Times"
# Infographic - How Russians view other countries
# Pakistan legislators choose new president, Sharif ally
# Musharraf to be charged in Bhutto murder
# Militants, armed with rockets, free at least 250 prisoners in Pakistan
# U.S. investigating claims of abduction, murder of Afghan civilians
# "U.S. Funds Buy No Love at Afghan College" - Nathan Hodge, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "The Next Reset: U.S.-Pakistan Relations" - Max Boot, "Commentary"
# "6 Lessons Disney Could Learn From Pakistan's 'Burka Avenger'" - Lindsey Davis, "The Huffington Post"
# Is Iran using lasers to enrich uranium?
Central Asia
# "Italy's Shameful Collusion With Kazakhstan" - James Kirchick, "The Washington Post"
# Afghanistan tightening up border against Uzbek militants
Of Interest
# "New York Times" public editor asks why reporters didn't ask questions about surveillance
# "Bad Management Drives Talent from CIA, Internal Reports Suggest" - Ken Dilanian, "The Los Angeles Times"
# "The New German Question" - Timothy Garton Ash, "The New York Review of Books"