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The Rundown -- August 1

RFE/RL in the Media
# Read Daisy Sindelar in "The Atlantic" on Russia's ban on Ukrainian chocolate
# Pro-Morsi sit-ins ordered ended
# "Unrest in Egypt: Closed Tunnels Could Ruin Hamas" - Theresa Breuer, "Spiegel"
# "John Kerry Fights the Wrong War" - Fouad Ajami, "Bloomberg"
# "Syria Lies in Pieces and it Will not be Fixed" - Shashank Joshi, "The Telegraph"
# "In Heavy Zimbabwe Voting, No Repeat of Disastrous 2008 Events" - Lydia Polgreen, "The New York Times"
# Long Read: "Russian Elite-2020," Valdai Discussion Club
# Meet the blogger who exposed Russia' anti-gay vigilante attacks on gays to the West
# "India Treads Tentatively on Pakistan Talks" - Niharika Mandhana, "The Wall Street Journal"
# The story of a child-bride, traded away to pay a drug debt
# "London Review of Books" on Pakistan's child Jihadis
# Video - In this Pakistani game show you might leave with a baby
# U.S. House passes new Iran sanctions
# "Iran gives Gazans aid, but bypasses Hamas" - Rushdi Abu Alouf, "Los Angeles Times"
# "The making of an Iraq sequel with Iran" - Mark Jansson, "The Hill"
Eastern Europe
# "Ukraine and Europe: Final Decision?" - James Sherr, "Chatham House"
# Not everyone likes a painting of Ukrainian politicians in hell
Central Asia
# Fugitive oligarch reportedly captured near Cannes
# "Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in War of Words over Water" - Joanna Lillis, "Eurasianet"
# Turkmenistan to supply electric power to Turkey through Iran
# Strauss-Kahn approached to advise Serbian government
# Georgia's National Forensics Bureau provides "virginity inspections"
# Georgian elections to be more interesting than expected?
All Regions
Of Interest
# # New NSA details from Greenwald
# Lawyer tells FDR not to censor Trotsky speech
# "The Chilling History of How Hollywood Helped Hitler" - Ben Urwand, "The Hollywood Reporter"
# "Good Jill, Bad Jill: The Queen of The New York Times" - Lloyd Grove, "The Daily Beast"

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