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RFE/RL's Iran Insight: A Tale of Two Presidents

Iran’s President-elect, Hassan Rohani
Iran’s President-elect, Hassan Rohani
Hassan Rohani will be inaugurated as Iran's new president on August 4, and takes power at a time when the Islamic republic is facing unprecedented sanctions, international isolation, and a worsening economy that is causing discontent at home. RFE/RL looks at the challenges ahead for the incoming president and the Iran he inherits from outgoing president Mahmud Ahmadinejad.

# RFE/RL's timeline of Ahmadinejad's time in power, noted by critics as a presidency marked by increased repression, disregard for human rights, economic mismanagement, political infighting and international isolation.

# Rohani takes power at a time when the Islamic republic is facing unprecedented pressures. Analysis by correspondent Golnaz Esfandiari.

# While the Iranian media has hailed the level of international attention being paid to the event, the early list of VIPs is noticeably thin. Correspondent Antoine Blua reports.

# President Emeritus? Correspondent Deana Kjuka looks at reports that Ahmadinejad is planning to establish a university in Tehran with a focus on nanotechnology, aerospace, and nuclear science.

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