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The Rundown -- August 9

RFE/RL in the Media
# The "Washington Post" covers continuing intimidation campaign against Khadija Ismayilova in Azerbaijan
# Read and watch in "The Atlantic" a piece about Russia's migrant raids by Lyubov Chizhova and Olya Kurachyova
# Women News Network runs Golnaz Esfandiari story on women's rights activists in Iran
# Russia U.N. ambassador says "gay propaganda" laws will be enforced at Olympics
# The global impact of the potash breakup
# Revolutionary sideways icebreaker built for Russia
# Julia Ioffe accuses MSNBC host of attempting to "mansplain" Russia to her
# "Why Putin Is Glad That Obama Isn't Coming" - Michael Bohm, "The Moscow Times"
# Does this photo explain the Obama-Putin relationship?
Middle East
# Sisi U.S. Army War College paper from 2006 "suggests he may be a Mubarak clone"
# Opposition leader enters Syria with backing of Jordan
# Andy Carvin donating his iPhone to the Smithsonian
# Rohani weakens Revolutionary Guard in new cabinet
# Moscow and Tehran both say they're open to talks, but who will make the first move?
# New program offers free health advice via mobile phone for women in Pakistan
# India accuses Pakistan in Kashmir shooting that killed five Indian soldiers
# 30 die in suicide bombing at funeral in Quetta
# 14 members of same family killed in Afghanistan as they gather to mark end of Ramadan
# Timeline of major attacks in Iraq since 2008
Central Asia
# U.S. indicts two Kazakhs for obstruction of justice in Boston Bombing
# Human Rights Watch urges France not to extradite Kazakh opposition leader
# Armenia "gay propaganda" bill scrapped for now
# "Is Russia Building Another Berlin Wall?" - Molly Corso, EurasiaNet