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The Rundown - August 14

RFE/RL in the Media
# Golnaz Esfandiari on Foreign Policy's "Twitterati 100" once again
# RFE/RL cited in "Foreign Policy" for its reporting on missing Chinese workers in Kabul and flooding in Afghanistan
# Happening now - Egypt military moving to clear pro-Morsi sit-ins
# Israel and new Egypt government "quietly cooperating"
# "The Failed State of Egypt?" - Barak Barfi, Project Syndicate
# Aleksei Navalny accused of taking campaign contributions from "foreign agents"
# Meet Yelena Mizulina, author of "gay propaganda" law
# Pat Buchanan asks if "homosexual propaganda" is the same as "racist or anti-semitic propaganda"
# Moscow says Syria "peace conference" not likely until October
# "Russia Steps Up Raids Against Migrants" - Steven Lee Myers and Andrew Roth, "The New York Times"
# Thomas Friedman on "Obama, Snowden and Putin"
# Iran, Syria spreading military capabilities to the West Bank
# After Morsi's ouster, Iran and Hamas rebuilding ties
# "As Afghanistan Endgame Looms, India-Pakistan Tensions Rise" - Frank Jack Daniel and Sanjeev Miglani, Reuters
# Cholera outbreak in northeast Afghanistan infects over 1,400 people
# Russia worried about U.S. troops leaving Afghanistan
# "How Will History Judge Zardari's Years in Office?" - Tom Hussain, The National
Central Asia
# "Letter from Uzbekistan: Jar Wash" - John Standingford, "The Guardian"
# Video - Kyrgyz journalist visits Indianapolis to make documentary, local news makes min-doc on him
# Turkmenistan to allow private home ownership
# Bike riding in Armenia is becoming cool
# Putin visits Azerbaijan, Rosneft gets major oil and gas deal
# In Russian citizenship of Ibraghimbekov, an opportunity for Putin
# A Tweet from the verified account of the Georgian President
# Blast outside home of Montenegro journalist who was assaulted in 2007
Of Interest
# John Kerry's State Department team
# New strategy to bring poor in developing countries out of poverty: give them money