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The Rundown -- August 19

RFE/RL in the Media
# Read Richard Solash in "The Atlantic" on Olympians trying to decide how to send a message at Sochi

# 36 Muslim Brotherhood supporters die in police custody
# Egypt issues warning to "biased" journalists as reporters face increasing pressure
# "Portrait of a Cairo Liberal as Military Backer" - Joshua Hersh, "The New Yorker"
# Video - Friday "Day of Anger" violence
# Egyptian newspaper uses template of a Curb Your Enthusiasm ad to promote General Sisi
# Guessing game as Pakistan army chief plans to retire
# "Forces of Reconciliation" in India and Pakistan challenged by increased violence
# "Pakistan: Playing the Victim Card" - Mohammad Taqi, Daily Times
# Afghanistan to host first international soccer match in a decade on Tuesday
# Throwing shoes in Afghanistan
# Iran has ⅓ more nuclear centrifuges than was previously known, according to outgoing nuclear chief
# Rohani demands "slogan free" diplomacy
# Newly released records show CIA planning of 1953 Iran coup
# Russian runners kiss on stage after victory
# David Cameron met Stephen Fry in a pub to discuss Russia's anti-LGBT legislation
# Sports minister calls anti-gay law an "invented problem"
# "Homophobia in Russia Finds a New Medium" - Emily Greenhouse, "The New Yorker"
# Eight "pastafarians" detained in Moscow
# "Iraq Al-Qaeda Fighters Radicalize Syria Conflict" - Abigail Fielding-Smith, "The Financial Times" (registration required)
# Sudden influx of Syrian Kurd refugees into Iraq
Central Asia
# Video - BBC on Kazakhstan's still "brutal" gulags
# Cross vandalized in Hasidic pilgrimage city
# Three Femen activists allege being beaten by Ukrainian special forces
Of Interest
# "The New York Times" has switched reporters to corporate Gmail accounts. Does the switch put reporters at risk?
# Jacques Vergès, "the devil's advocate," dies
# "The ‘To Hell with Them’ Doctrine" - Jonah Goldberg, "The National Review"