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The Rundown -- August 20

# "The Egyptian Debacle" - Roger Cohen, "The New York Times"
# Mubarak may be released soon; but he also may not be
# White House has quietly decided to suspend military aid, according to Sen. Leahy
# Churches marked before attacks
# Cairo at night "has become a city of silence"
# Russia and Japan launch talks over territorial dispute
# Saratov officials call for removal of gay history book from stores
# "Cemetery Left in Peace in City Remade by Olympics" - John Branch, "The New York Times"
# "While Obama Breaks the Reset, Putin Slouches" - Alexander Golts, "The Moscow Times"
# Iran may be holding back growth of medium-enriched uranium
# Top Khamenei adviser says Iran will respond to west with "a different language," but will never suspend nuclear activities
# Musharraf charged in Bhutto Death
# Sharif calls for dialogue with militants
# "An Afghan Poet Shapes Metal and Hard Words" Azam Ahmed, "The New York Times"
# Afghanistan and Pakistan prepare for historic soccer match tonight
# "Muslim Zion: Pakistan as a Political Idea" - Faisal Devji, The Nation
# al-Maliqi backs Egypt interim government
# Iraq executes 17 people
# Video - 10,000 Syrians crossing into Iraq
# Russia preparing tough customs response if Ukraine signs association agreement with EU, as Ukraine snubs Russian gas
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan places bid to host 2022 Olympic games in Almaty
# Kazakh chocolates attracting foreign investment
# Kazakhstan explores "gay propaganda" law
# Azerbaijan's new "blacklist"
Of Interest
# Romania to open Ceausescu's execution site to tourists
# "A Visit to the Greek Guantanamo" - Alain Salles, "Le Monde"
# Historic black and white photos colorized