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The Rundown -- August 21

Reading the headlines in Moscow.
Reading the headlines in Moscow.
RFE/RL in the Media
# Rob Coalson listed on "Twitter's Top Nine on Russian Politics" by RUBCA Center
# With top Brotherhood leader arrested, a long road ahead for group
# "Egypt No Longer Matters" - Bobby Ghosh, "Time"
# "Obama's Egypt Policy Makes Perfect Sense" - Aaron David Miller - Foreign Policy
# Erdogan accuses Israel of being behind Egypt coup effort
# "Egypt's rage" in gifs
# A Surkov redux in the Kremlin?
# "Why Homophobic Russia Loves Gender-Bending Pop Stars" - Olga Khazan, "The Atlantic"
# "Behind the Investigation of Benazir Bhutto's Assassination" - Heraldo Munoz, "Foreign Affairs"
# Talks with Afghanistan over long-term security deal may resume soon
# Army prepares to sentence staff sergeant responsible for Afghanistan massacre
# In their first Kabul soccer match in 37 years, Afghanistan beats Pakistan 3-0
# Afghanistan's Mobile Mini Circus
# In shift, Rohani may delegate nuclear negotiations to foreign minister
# Some Iranian officials said to have known about six diplomats hiding in Canadian Embassy in 1979
# "Khamenei Approaches Nuclear Decision Point" - Joe Costa, "The National Interest"
Eastern Europe
# Ukraine claims customs row with Russia is over
# Lithuania protests Belarus nuclear project
# Baghdad asks for U.S. help in fighting extremists
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan halts Ukraine poultry imports
# Newly released CIA documents say Tito "was not of Yugoslav origin" and perhaps Polish or Russian
Of Interest
# Storyful's "open-verification project" with Google+
# "The Limits of Twitter Diplomacy" - Christopher Hill, Project Syndicate
# Q and A with Jill Abramson