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The Rundown -- August 22

RFE/RL in the Media
# Business Insider, "The Independent," and Huffington Post cite RFE/RL's reporting on "zombie pigeons" in Moscow
# Read Yevhen Solonyna in "The Atlantic" on Russia's "secret plan" for Ukraine
# ISN republishes Golnaz Esfandiari's piece about Rohani's appointment of a woman to his cabinet
# Opposition says as many as 1,400 died
# The one video "that everyone should watch" - Max Fisher, "The Washington Post"
# "The Washington Post" says U.S. should retaliate if chemical weapons allegations are true
# "Why We're Still Not Intervening in Syria" - Michael Hirsh, "The Atlantic"
# A timeline of Syria bloodshed
# Mubarak to face house arrest
# Saudi Arabia blames U.S. for turmoil
# Jamie Kirchick kicked off RT after protesting Kremlin anti-gay legislation
# Floods in far-east prompt massive evacuations
# Man arrested in plot to murder Anna Chapman's boss
# "How Russia Neutered Obama's Chemical Weapons Response" - Colum Lynch, The Daily Beast
# "Iran Fills Rhetoric Void With Bullish Words on Oil" - Ben Winkley, "The Wall Street Journal"
# Students in Iran learn how to hunt drones
# Sanctions prevent Iranian referee from working at U.S. Open
# Soldier who committed massacre in Afghanistan confronted by victim
# Pakistan releasing over 338 Indian prisoners
Central Asia
# Risk to Central Asia from 2014 pullout
# "Few concrete ideas" at water conference in Tajikistan
# Kazakhstan says it will upgrade poultry import controls
Eastern Europe
# "How Putin Lost Ukraine" - Anders Aslund, "The Moscow Times"
# Belarus and Ukraine survey for oil and gas
# Klitschko considering presidential run
# "In Ukraine, It Grows on Trees…" - Sergii Leshchenko, Open Democracy
# Al-Maliki says weapons and fighters from Syria coming to Iraq
# "In Azerbaijan, Bank Tied To EBRD Breaks Seal On Controversial Libel Law" - Kenan Aliyev and Daisy Sindelar, RFE/RL