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The Rundown -- August 23

RFE/RL in the Media
# Reporting by Daisy Sindelar, Lyubov Chizhova and Olya Kurachyova on migrants in Russia cited by "The Nation"
# RFE/RL Afghanistan coverage of the difficulties of postal delivery, cited by "Foreign Policy"
Middle East
# "Syria, Assad, and the History of Chemical Weapons" - Jon Lee Anderson, "The New Yorker"
# Congressional "doves" rethinking military intervention in Syria
# "American Tells of Odyssey as Prisoner of Syrian Rebels" - C.J. Chivers, "The New York Times"
# Erdogan "has Jews on the brain"
# "Saudi Arabia stirs the Middle East Pot" - David Ignatius, "The Washington Post"
# A growing number of Egyptians believe that ousting Mubarak was a bad idea
# "The Case for Cutting Off Aid to Egypt" - Max Boot, "The Los Angeles Times"
# Khameni demands apology from opposition leaders on accusations of vote fraud in 2009
# Man from Sierra Leone caught in "Uranium for Iran" sting
# "Who Is Ali Khamenei?" - Akbar Ganji, "Foreign Affairs"
# "Ructions" mar Russia's first year in WTO
# Russia assures IOC anti-gay laws won't affect games
# The Northeast passage and its potential consequences
# "The Drive to Blame Russia" - Thomas Graham, "The New York Times"
# "Navalny: Russia's Opposition Hero Cult" - Ben Judah, Reuters
# "Why I Ambushed Russia's News Network With Rainbow Suspenders" - James Kirchick, "The Washington Post"
# Is "trolling" Russia better than boycotting it?
# In latest attack, Pakistan accuses India of killing soldier
# "The Swinging 70s in Pakistan: An Urban History" - Nadeem F. Paracha, Dawn
# Serbia president made "judo master" to deal with Putin
# Russia demands Serbia seize Berezovsky's remaining assets
Eastern Europe
# A Belarusian physician goes on hunger strike
Of Interest
# Ten things people "pretend" when discussing U.S. influence
# "Authoritarianism Pushes Back" - Paul Pillar, "The National Interest"
# "What Transgender Means and How Society Views It" - Sharon Jayson, "USA Today"