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The Rundown -- August 26

RFE/RL in the Media
# RFE/RL move from Munich cited in BBC Czech Republic timeline
# Read me in "The Atlantic" on a hovercraft washing up on a Russian beach

Middle East
# U.S. weighing options in response to chemical attacks
# "The Failed Grand Strategy in the Middle East" - Walter Russell Mead, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "In Syria, America Loses if Either Side Wins" - Edward N. Luttwak, "The New York Times"
# "The One Place the Arab Spring Hasn't Gone to Hell" - James Traub, "Foreign Policy"
# "Why Israel Will Miss Morsi" - Zack Gold, "Foreign Affairs"
# U.S. shipping cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia
# Thousands of Circassians seeking refuge in Russia
# "Kommersant" reports that Snowden spent time in Russian consulate in Hong Kong
# Aleksei Navalny detained briefly after large campaign rally
# "How Gay Propaganda Laws Actually Only Help" - Nikolay Alekseyev, RT
# "Boycotting Vodka Won't Help Russia's Gays" - Mark Lawrence Schrad, "The New York Times"
# Iran to stop monthly cash handouts to millions
# Iran warns of "severe consequences" if U.S. acts in Syria
# "Reading Tweets From Iran" - Editorial, "The New York Times"
# Rift among militants after Pakistan peace talk offer
# Karzai says he's in no rush to sign security pact with U.S.
# "Years Later, a Flattened Afghan Village Reflects on Bombardement" - Kevin Sieff, "The Washington Post"
# CIA files show U.S. knew of Iraq chemical weapons attacks on Iran in 1980s
# Kosovo air campaign possible U.S. blueprint for Syria
# Macedonian PM threatens snap elections to resolve deadlock
# Israeli firm building mall on site of former concentration camp in Serbia
Of Interest
# "The NYPD Division of Un-American Activities" - Matt Apuzzo & Adam Goldman, "New York"
# David Carr on journalists turning on journalists re leaks