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The Rundown -- August 27

RFE/RL in the Media
# The Hollywood Reporter reviews a Romanian film that revolves around a phone call to RFE/RL
# UPI cites RFE/RL reporting on U.S.-Afghan security agreement negotiations
# Read Robert Coalson in "The Atlantic" on newly released Nixon-Brezhnev tapes
# Kerry's statement on Syria
# "Bombing Syria - What's the Goal?" - Robert Satloff, "Politico"
# "Syria, The Risks of Intervention" - Yagil Levy, "Haaretz"
# "Two Minds on Syria" - George Packer, "The New Yorker"
# Syrians "resigned, uneasy" on western intervention
# Saudi Arabia may finance Syrian national rebel army
Middle East
# "The Arab Spring's Unlikely Winner" - Dominique Moisi, Project Syndicate
# Peace talks delayed after three Palestinians die in Israeli raid
# Woman photographers in the Middle East
# Video - BBC on how Gezi Park demonstrations changed Turkey
# U.S. postpones Wednesday meeting with Russia on Syria
# "The New Republic" asks whether Florida or Russia is weirder
# "Montenegro Scandal Doesn't Stick to Teflon Navalny" - Kevin Rothrock, "The Moscow Times"
# Khamenei blames "outsiders" for Middle East woes
# Death sentence of accused porn website creator commuted to life in prison
# "Once an Outcast, Iranian Minister Carries Hope of Easing Tensions" - Thomas Erdbrink, "The New York Times"
# Oman leaders visit may be linked to Iran-West mediation
# At least 47 killed in Iraq "day of terror" Sunday
# Baghdad in row with Shell over production delays it says have cost $4.6 billion
# Karzai asks Sharif for help in bringing peace
# "Pakistan, Taliban and the Afghan Quagmire" - Bruce Riedel, Brookings
# Karzai promises not to interfere in next presidential vote
# Chinese-Afghan $3 billion copper deal at risk
Eastern Europe
# Full speed ahead for Ukraine on association agreement
Central Asia
# Teen dies from bubonic plague in Kyrgyzstan; Kazakhstan toughens border controls
# In the last week, a journalist and an activist have been beaten in Kazakhstan
# Kosovo FM calls on U.S. to act in Syria like it did in 1999
# "How's That Reset With Georgia Going" - Michael Rubin, "Commentary"
# "The Dangers of Online Criticism in Azerbaijan" - Rebecca Vincent, Al Jazeera
Of Interest
# Infographic - The safest and least safe countries to drive in