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The Rundown -- August 30

RFE/RL in the Media
# Read Richard Solash and Tom Balmforth in "The Atlantic" on the artist behind the Putin in lingerie painting
# The U.K. says no
# Syria moving prisoners to likely sites of strikes
# "The Economist says "hit him hard"
# Rumsfeld says Obama hasn't justified Syria attack
# "Syria Offers Opportunity for U.S.-Iran Talks" - Arron Merat, Al Monitor
# "Diplomacy With Iran is Key to Ending Syria War" - Andrew Parasiliti, "Time"
# "Tour Iran? Operators Hope So" - Emily Brennan, "The New York Times"
# Al Jazeera calls on Egypt to release its journalists
# Departing U.S. Ambassador to Egypt's letter to "Al Ahram" newspaper
# Navalny campaign denies reports that candidate "toasted the Holocaust"
# Moscow elections will have "profound implications" for Russia's future
# Coca-Cola issues statement on Sochi
# Putin orders inquiry into handling of floods
# New law on assets abroad forces oligarchs to leave politics
# "East by Far East: Vladivostok Rocks" - Melena Rzyik, "The New York Times"
# Skolkovo - too little too late
# 33 year sentence for doctor who helped find Bin Laden overturned
# New details on bin Laden raid
# Not enough female security forces in Afghanistan to protect women voters
Central Asia
# Rape charges as "anti opposition weapon" in Uzbekistan
# "U.S. Banker Deploys Polygraph to Thwart Kazakhstan Theft" - Nariman Gizitdinov & Jason Corcoran, Bloomberg
# Kazakhstan is the world's top uranium producer, but what are the costs?
Eastern Europe
# Ukraine tells Russia to "accept reality" on new trade deal
# "Choices for the South Caucasus" - "The New York Times"