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The Rundown -- September 2

RFE/RL in the Media
# U.S. Embassy in Baku condemns "disgusting personal attacks" on Khadija Ismayilova
# Human Rights Watch video on crackdown cites Ismayilova attacks as example of government abuses
# The legal case for R2P; legal case against
# On the difficulties of "calibrating" the Syria attack
# 5 consequences of Obama's decision
# "Are You Syrious?" - Joe Klein, "Time"
# View of a British soldier who served in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan
# Syrian state newspaper calls Obama decision "start of the historic American retreat"
# Infographics - Syria's allies and enemies; shifting alliances on Egypt and Syria
Middle East
# Morsi to be tried for inciting violence
# Interview with Chas Freeman on changing dynamics between Saudi Arabia, U.S. and Russia over Syria and Egypt
# "Egypt’s Tunisian Future" - Michael J. Koplow, "Foreign Affairs"
# Middle East crises breathe life into Al-Qaeda
# Iran Foreign Minister posts thoughts on chemical weapons on Facebook
# Ex-Iran President Rafsanjani says Syrian government responsible for attack
# Iran MPs meet with Assad in Damascus
# Russia unprepared for looming economic crisis - "Kommersant"
# One of Russia's top judges pursued by Kremlin
# "U.S.-Russia Feud Over Snowden Cuts Both Ways" - Tina Susman, "Los Angeles Times"
# Homophobic attacks on the rise
# Afghan women fear life after U.S. withdrawal
Central Asia
# Kanye in Kazakhstan for Nazarbayev's grandson's wedding
# Riots in Almaty after concert abruptly stops (Not Kanye-related)
# "The Aga Khan's tightrope walk in Tajikistan" - Joshua Kucera, Al Jazeera
Eastern Europe
# Homophobic attacks "spilling over" into Ukraine
# Femen founders flee Ukraine to Paris
# Belarus-Russia dispute escalates
# Human Rights Watch accuses Azerbaijan of pre-election crackdown
Of Interest
# Cocktail party cheat sheet
# "Making it New" - Seamus Heaney, "The New York Review of Books" (1984)
# The disappearance of East German identity
# David Frost has died. Some interviews: Frost/ Saakashvili; Putin; Bhutto; Kasparov