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The Rundown -- September 3


# Putin to be confronted at G20 over Syria
# Syria: The West should "go in and save it" or "shut up" - Simon Jenkins, "The Guardian"
# Rebels "rattled" by delay in U.S. strike
# Foreign policy establishment not happy
# Interactive: Where members of Congress stand right now
# Video: War photographer Goran Tomasevic and his work
# Iranian Foreign Ministry denies Rafsanjani blamed Syria government for chemical attacks
# Sanctions make getting medicine difficult for Iran chemical weapons survivors
# The rise and fall of the "reset" - "The New York Times"
# Obama to meet with NGOs, including LGBT rights groups, in Russia
# Putin proposes sending legislators to U.S. to lobby Congress on Syria
# Russia sends reconnaissance ship to Mediterranean
# Russia warns citizens against traveling to countries that have extradition treaties with U.S.
# New murder charges against Musharraf
# In Pakistan, polio outbreak grows
# "Nawaz Sharif's Baggage" - Robert Boggs, The Diplomat
# Increasing Taliban attacks in Afghanistan
Central Asia
# What does [Kazakhstan's] nuclear wasteland look like? Wyoming - Slate
# Novak Djokovic says he opposes Syria strikes based on personal experience
# Azerbaijan: "How Not to Prepare for an Election" - "The Economist"
# Iran warns Azerbaijan about purchase of Israeli missiles
Eastern Europe
# Belarus issues more arrest warrants in potash dispute
# In Chisinau, Rogozin warns Moldovans: "We hope you won't freeze in winter"
Of Interest
# "Talk therapy" for Turkish wife-abusers in Germany
# "Chelsea Manning's Prison" - Margaret Talbot, "The New Yorker"