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The Rundown -- September 13

RFE/RL in the Media
# Daud Khattak writes an op-ed for "The Express Tribune" on Taliban peace talks
# NPR talks to a former RFE/RL reporter about the murder of Georgi Markov
# "Foreign Policy" cites RFE/RL coverage of the release of a Taliban commander
# Tea party extends focus to anti-intervention in Syria
# "An Anchorless World" - Roger Cohen, "The New York Times"
# "From Houston AC Repairman to Border Camp Mayor" - Alla Malek, Al Jazeera
# Ridding Syria of chemical weapons requires "boots on the ground"
# Assad speaks to Russian TV, says decision on weapons has nothing to do with U.S. threat
# At least ten U.S. nationals have joined jihadist groups in Syria
Middle East
# Al Jazeera taking legal action against Egypt on harassment of journalists
# Egypt conspiracy theories target Syrian refugees
Putin Writes
# The story behind the Putin op-ed
# The role of the Ketchum PR firm in getting pro-Kremlin content published in American media
# "Here's What Went Unmentioned" - Julia Ioffe, "The New Republic"
# Gary Kasparov had this to say
# "How Russia Took a Chance With It's Syria Plan" - Will Englund, "The Washington Post"
# Navalny submits over 50,000 pages outlining irregularities
# The "Seven Villains" of Russia's gay rights movement
# Female infanticide in Pakistan
# Worst border violence in years in Kashmir
# "Next Door To Syria, Iraq Slowly Boils" - Larry Kaplow, NPR
# "As Iraq's Economy Tries to Rebound, Bureaucracy Brings it Down" - Tom A. Peter, Christian Science Monitor
# "The Iran Fallacy: Seeing Damascus, Thinking Tehran" - Suzanne Maloney, "Foreign Affairs"
# Iran reopens film group closed two years ago by hardliners
# Influential Israeli rabbi may meet with Rohani on UN sidelines
# Head of Russian foreign affairs committee says U.S. strike in Syria could prompt Moscow to resume arms sales to Iran
# Armenia seeks SCO observer status
# Racist chants alleged during soccer match in Skopje
Of Interest
# American jihadi reportedly killed in Somalia