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The Rundown -- September 16

# The Advocate, Raw Story and several other sites use Alisher Sidikov and Claire Bigg's reporting on horrific anti-gay attack on Uzbek in Russia # The Daily Mail and Huffington Post cite Daisy Sindelar's reporting on the "Miss Uzbekistan" mystery
# Brookings cites Golnaz Esfandiari's reporting on communication between Obama and Rohani
# A "big, demonstrable show" necessary for Assad to prove he's serious
# What to look for in UN chemical weapons report
# A roundup of human rights violations detailed in UN report
# For Assad, using chemical weapons has paid off, for now
# "The Puny Superpower" - James P. Rubin, "Newsweek"
# "If Holden Caulfield spoke Russian" - Reed Johnson, "The New Yorker"
# United Russia Duma deputy, Olympic legend and mother of HuffPost Live anchor Tweets racist Obama photo
# Obama confirms exchange of letters with Rohani
# An Obama-Rohani meeting at the UN?
# Khamenei reportedly gives Rohani permission to hold direct talks on nuclear issue
# Iranian officials say next nuclear talks could be held in Iran
# Iran reacts cautiously to Syria deal
# Hindus fleeing persecution in Pakistan
# High-ranking Pakistani general killed by Taliban
# Troubles with exit route through Pakistan are costly for U.S.
# Women commit 95 percent of Afghanistan suicides
# Profile of "the father of the Taliban"
Central Asia
# "Rising China, Sinking Russia" - "The Economist"
# Kosovo and Macedonia end trade dispute
# Author of controversial "torture" letter is new British Ambassador to Azerbaijan
# Grandfather of imprisoned Azerbaijani youth activist reportedly commits suicide in protest
Of Interest
# "The Geeks on the Frontlines" - David Kushner, "Rolling Stone"