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The Rundown -- September 20

RFE/RL in the Media
# ABC cites Daisy Sindelar's reporting on Miss Uzbekistan
# Christian Science Monitor cites RFE/RL reporting on reaction to McCain's op-ed
# Syria's jihadist rebels are kidnapping each other
# Analysts debate power of jihadists in Syria
# Pentagon may train moderate rebels
# Syrian Deputy PM says neither side is strong enough to win
# Rohani's "Washington Post" op-ed
# "Through Diplomacy, Obama Finds a Pen Pal in Iran" - Mark Landler, "The New York Times"
# "Iran at the UN from Khamenei to Rouhani" - Shaul Bakhash, "Foreign Policy"
# Iran's only Jewish lawmaker will be part of Rohani's UN delegation
# Following Reuters investigation, Russia calls on U.S. to investigate children's rights abuses
# McCain's op-ed will "help Putin"
# "Russia's Tangled Logic on Syria" - Marc Champion, Bloomberg
# A Russian library's new assistant is a cat (and he wears a bow-tie)
# "The Pakistani State on Its Knees" - Mohammad Taqi, Daily Times
# "Afghanistan's Casualty Data Black Market" - Nick Turse, "The Nation"
# Karachi gang leader's last words
# Children stumble upon blindfolded corpses
Central Asia
# "Kazakhstan: Is Opposition Politics Officially Dead?" - Joanna Lillis, Eurasianet
Eastern Europe
# Russian TV channel Dozhd will be broadcast on Ukrainian TV
# Ukraine moves closer to EU deal
# Fight erupts at Azerbaijan presidential debate
# "Azerbaijan: Presidential Campaign in Name Only" - Shahin Abbasov, Eurasianet
# "U.S. Doesn't Say Much as Russia Violates Georgia's Turf" - John Hudson, "Foreign Policy"
# EULEX member killed in Kosovo
Of Interest
# British scientists claim to have found proof of alien life