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The Rundown -- September 26

RFE/RL in the Media
# Jennifer Rubin op-ed in "Washington Post" on Iran points to RFE/RL's Cold War history
# "Moscow Times" cites Richard Solash's interview with Sen. Mary Landrieu
# Coalition of rebel groups rejects western-backed opposition coalition
# Syria's Islamist coalition
# "Where did Syria's Chemical Weapons Come From?" - Jannis Brühl, ProPubica
# Obama, Rohani present identical 'peace for rights' solution for Iran nuclear dispute
# Rohani's gestures to hardliners during UNGA raise questions
# What the U.S. wants from Iran
# Iran claims CNN fabricated Rohani's Holocaust remarks
# Israeli Embassy in Washington mocks Rohani as salesman
# 30 Greenpeace activists held in pre-trial detention in Murmansk
# Moscow's strategy for blocking EU path
# Moscow's many trade wars
# Russia's anti-gay parents vs. Elton John
# State department discusses large pictures of Putin
# New website for Pakistan's LGBT community launched, blocked
# Pakistan earthquake creates a new island
# "Why Afghanistan May be NATO's Last Fight" - David Francis, The Fiscal Times
Central Asia
# Tajikistan presidential candidate shakes up campaign
# Missing Uzbekistan journalist appears in prison
Eastern Europe
# Ukraine and Belarus may face currency crises
# EU confident in Tymoshenko solution
Of Interest
# Bezos: Newspapers are a luxury item
# Internet access cut off in Sudan after third day of protest
# Lech Walesa says Poland and Germany should unite into single country