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The Rundown -- September 29

RFE/RL in the Media
# Christian Science Monitor cites Heather Maher's reporting on the international honesty experiment
Middle East
# UN inspectors heading to Syria today
# Why Egyptian merchants speak Hebrew
# Israel and U.S. Gulf allies view Iran talks with suspicion; Saudi Arabia "outraged"
# Shin Bet arrests alleged Iranian spy
# Iran tries to calm hardliners
# Iranian official threatens to sue CNN over Holocaust translation
# "The Rohani Tsunami" - Suzanne Maloney, Brookings
# "Iran's Messenger Has Changed, Its Message Has Not" - Robert Menendez and Lindsey O. Graham, "Washington Post"
# "Has America Abandoned an Afghan Interpreter?" - George Packer, "The New Yorker"
# On Karzai visit to China, Xi promises Beijing will play increased role
# At least 40 killed in bomb attack in Peshawar
# India and Pakistan PMs meet at UN, agree to reduce Kashmir violence
# "Understanding Imram [Khan]" - Cyril Almeida, Dawn
# Russian muftis warn of unrest after Koran translation ban
# Sochi gay scene thriving
# "Repression and Gay Rights in Russia" - Sean Guillory, "The Nation"
# "How Soviet Russia Tried to Reinvent Fairy Tales" - Marina Lewycka, "Financial Times"
Eastern Europe
# "Can Ukraine Shed Its Soviet Skin?" - Adam Reichardt, "The National Interest"
# Ukraine's next World Cup qualifier to be played behind closed doors as punishment for racist fans
# A Ukraine couple's fling on the train tracks ends in tragedy
# Poll: Over 70% of British MPs "appreciate" Aliyev's activity
# Azerbaijani bank launches Islamic credit card
# Saakashvili says Putin using anti-gay sentiment to build influence in former Soviet Union
Of Interest
# Why the obsession with the "white widow?"