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The Rundown -- October 7

# Golnaz Esfandiari in Al-Monitor on Iranians mocking Netanyahu's comments about jeans
# Global Post cites Ron Synovitz and Majeed Babar on the Pakistani Taliban
# "The Independent" cites Valentin Baryshnikov's interview with Gary Kasparov
# Read Mikhail Sokolov and Anastasia Kirilenko in "The Atlantic" on Russia, 20 years after the constitutional crisis
Middle East
# At least 51 die in Egypt clashes
# Stunning photos from Cairo
# Destruction of Syria chemical weapons begins
# "Obama Botched an Earlier Syria Peace Deal" - Michael Hirsh, "The National Interest"
# Iran FM calls for "new approach" to nuclear talks
# Iran accuses four of sabotage at nuclear site
# German intelligence says Tehran allows Syria to keep fighterjets in Iran
# Khamenei not completely happy with Rohani's New York trip
# "A Wolf, a Sheep, or What?" - Tom Friedman, "New York Times"
# Violence, including an attack on Shia pilgrims, kills at least 73
# "Ending the War in Afghanistan" - Stephen Biddle, "Foreign Affairs"
# Pakistan military chief Kayani retiring
# FSB to monitor "all communications" at Sochi Olympics
# Olympic torch flame dies in Moscow
# Qadaffi "groupie girl" may have triggered Russian Embassy attack
# Russia's evolving narrative on Syria chemical weapons
# "Russia's Pivot North" - Richard Lourie, "Moscow Times"
Eastern Europe
# Communists in Moldova lead mass rallies demanding pro-west government resign
# End of potash cartel could result in lower food prices in Arabian Gulf
# "Azerbaijani Pre-Election Report" - Joshua Tucker, "Washington Post"
# "Armenian Church, Survivor of the Ages, Faces Modern Hurdles" - David Herszenhorn, "New York Times"
# Serbia confectionary enjoys "sweet success"
# City of Nis celebrates 1700th anniversary of "edict of tolerance"
Of Interest
# ProPublica spent $750,000 and two years on one investigative journalism piece