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The Rundown -- October 9

RFE/RL in the Media
# On CNN, Jesse Ventura compares his new show in Mexico to RFE/RL
# Deadspin and Huffington Post cite RFE/RL's continuing coverage of the string of Sochi torch flameouts
# "Le Monde" cites Radio Liberty's coverage of the Greenpeace arrests (French)
Middle East
# Sectarianism spilling over from Syria to Turkey
# "The Sectarian Gulf vs. the Arab Spring" - Toby Matthiesen, Foreign Policy # "Egyptian Military is on the Clock" - Max Boot, "Commentary"
# General Dostum's "apology"
# Pakistan province bans Skype, Whatsapp and Viber
# In southern Pakistani town, fundamentalists dig up grave of Hindu man and drag his body through the street
# "Should Pakistan Negotiate With the Taliban?" - Mansoor Jafar, Al-Arabiya
# Were Netanyahu's comments about Iranians and jeans important?
# Elliot Abrams tells VOA many Americans would see Israel scuttling a peace deal by attacking Iran as "gutsy
# 125 people have been executed since Rohani took office
# Britain in talks to reopen Iran embassy
# "Do the U.S. and Iran Need Trust to Strike a Nuclear Deal?" - Scott Petersen, Christian Science Monitor
# Malaki says Iraq violence directly connected to Syria
# In Bolotnaya case, defendant sent to psychiatric hospital
# Russia protests treatment of Dutch diplomat
# Putin says U.S. and Russia agree on Syria plan
# "Russia: a Postmodern Dictatorship?" - Peter Pomerantsev, Legatum Institute
Eastern Europe
# Putin warns Ukraine of "defensive measures" if Kiev signs Association Agreement
Azerbaijan Elections
# "Azerbaijan Elections: A Narrowing Political Space" - Lubica Pollakova, Chatham House
# Jamil Hasanli's column in "The Guardian"
# "So What About the Other 364 Days a Year?" - Melinda Harin and Arzu Geybullayeva
# "Georgia Weary of Russian Encroachment" - Piotr Smolar, "The Guardian"
Central Asia
# "The Atlantic" really likes Kazakhstan's currency