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The Rundown -- October 14

RFE/RL in the Media
# Writing for The Spectator, Niall Ferguson cites Heather Maher's interview with Paul Krugman
# RFE/RL in story about Lech Walesa in "Christian Science Monitor"
Middle East
# Syrian state TV attacked by suicide bombers; video
# "Homs: A Tale of Two Cities" - James Harkin, "The Guardian"
# Israeli Army discovers Gaza-Israel tunnel
# Who goes into the nuclear negotiations stronger?
# Iran sets "red line" on shipping uranium overseas
# Netanyahu catches flack for following "Persian hot book" on Twitter
# "Iran Wants the Bomb -- And Sanctions Relief" - Reuel Marc Gerecht and Mark Dubowitz, "Washington Post"
# Kerry makes surprise visit to Kabul, closes in on deal for troops post-2014
# Burgeoning middle class nightlife in Kabul
# U.S. soldier dies in insider attack
# Taliban threatens shops that sell Malala book
# "After Kayani" - Arif Rafiq, Foreign Policy
# At least 42 die in Sunday bombings across Iraq
# Iraqi Kurdistan head says he's ready to strike militants in Syria if need be
# Race riots in Moscow after stabbing death of ethnic Russian; migrant rights advocate warns foreigners to stay home
# Russia state telecom launching Sputnik, meant to be competitor with Yandex and Google
# Alexander Lebedev taking over "Novaya Gazeta's" investigative bureau, asks that people stop calling him an oligarch
# Demonstrators beaten, detained as thousands gather to protest vote
# Azerbaijan: "The Kids Aren't Alright -- And Neither Is the Country" - Nigar Fatali, Balkanist
# Iranian sentenced to 15 years for planning Baku Israeli Embassy attack
Eastern Europe
# Moldova overturns gay propaganda ban
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