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The Rundown -- October 22

RFE/RL in the Media
# The Huffington Post cites Claire Bigg's report on the struggles of LGBT families in Russia
# Read Glenn Kates in "The Atlantic" on a feline drug smuggler in Moldova

Middle East
# "Israel and the New Middle East" - Andrew Sullivan, Daily Dish
# Assad hints at desire to run for reelection
# Portraits of Syria's displaced youth
# Iran gives Russia a copy of U.S. drone
# Book ban under review in Iran
# "An Exit Strategy From Afghanistan" - "New York Times" editorial
# "Afghanistan Isn't Ready to Vote" - Sarah Chayes, Bloomberg
# Meeting with Sharif, Kerry lauds U.S.-Pakistan ties
# New Amnesty report says civilians killed indiscriminately by drones
# Russian arms shipments to Iraq begin
# Six killed by suicide bombing on Volgograd bus
# Greenpeace activist's letter from prison tells of her fears
# Russian who leads pre-natal center charged with running a cult
# "In Russia, Even Good News is Bad" - Masha Gessen, "New York Times"
Central Asia
# With Pakistan route re-opened, Central Asia "again becomes backroad"
# "Put Kazakhstan on the UN Security Council" - Kairot Umarov, "U.S. News"
Eastern Europe
# EU warns Ukraine it has to do more for Association Agreement
# Lukashenka announces willingness to work with Uralkali again
# "Serbia's Forgotten Veterans Fight New Battle" - Marco Rudic, "The Guardian'
Of Interest
# Forty-one percent of YouTube traffic now coming from non-desktop devices