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The Rundown -- October 24

# BBC cites RFE/RL Kazakh service reporting on video of apparent "family jihad" in Syria
# Global Post cites Heather Maher's reporting on Obama's meetings with Sharif
# "National Interest" says RFE/RL and VOA gave dissidents a voice during Velvet Revolution
Middle East
# "Egyptians Abandoning Hope and Now, Reluctantly, Homeland" - Kareem Fahim, "New York Times"
# Destruction of Syrian chemical weapons going according to plan, for now
# "Iraq Tips Toward the Abyss" - Bret Stephens, "Wall Street Journal"
# "Fighting for Women's Rights in Afghanistan" - Louise Arbour, Foreign Policy
# NATO officials warn of violent winter in Afghanistan
# Sharif says he urged Obama to end drone strikes; but strikes acknowledged by secret agreements
# "In Pakistan, Who Controls the Narrative on Drones?" - Taha Siddiqui, Christian Science Monitor
# Iran's newest drone is a little flimsy
# Five Asiatic cheetahs spotted in Iran
# American chain knock-offs in Iran
# "Not Even a Gram?" - David Patrikarakos, "London Review of Books"
# Russia reduces piracy charges against Greenpeace activists to hooliganism
# FBI investigating Russian cultural exchange program as spy recruitment tool
# Russia's disappearing movie theaters
Eastern Europe
# Belarus Free Theatre takes on Belarus gay scene
# Ukraine abandons plans to join NATO
# Moldovan Little League in North Carolina
# "Russia Putting a Strong Arm on Neighbors" - David Herszenhorn, "New York Times"
Of Interest
# 28-year AP veteran and his editors fired for reporting error
# U.S. fires senior official after years of Twitter leaks
# "Glenn Greenwald and the Future of Leaks" - David Cay Johnston, Newsweek