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The Rundown -- October 30

RFE/RL in the Media
# "Montreal Gazette" cites RFE/RL reporting about Putin's comments welcoming gays at Sochi games
# International Business Times cites RFE/RL reporting about child brides in Pakistan
Middle East
# "Ousted General in Egypt is Back, as Islamists' Foe" - David Kirkpatrick, "New York Times"
# "Allies in Revolt" - "New York Times" editorial
# First polio outbreak in Syria in 14 years
# "How to Negotiate with Iran" - Dennis Ross, Eric Edelman, and Michael Makovsky, "Los Angeles Times"
# Iranian actress sentenced to 18 months for security charges
# Iran's "Down with America" contest
# "The Long Road to Agreement With Iran" - Javier Solana, Project Syndicate
# "Afghanistan and Pakistan Scramble for the Favor of Al Qaeda" - Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor
# What the Iraq crisis can teach about the Afghanistan withdrawal
# Teen girl in Pakistan allegedly digs herself out of grave after being raped by two men
# Sharif promises to reconsider jailing of doctor who helped CIA find bin Laden
# Daughter of woman killed in drone attack visits Congress
# David Petraeus says Iraq gains are in "grave danger"
# Russia accused of using usb sticks to spy on foreign leaders; Russia denies
# Russia holds military drills in the Arctic
# Navalny and his brother indicted in new fraud case
Eastern Europe
# Ukraine gains 28 spots in ease of doing business rankings
# Putin aide says Ukraine won't sign Association Agreement because it would be contrary to its interests
# EU renews sanctions on Belarus
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan adopts 12 year schooling
# Russia-Kazakhstan reportedly to sign military agreement next month
# Kosovo starts talks with EU
# Iran and Azerbaijan in dispute over polo
# Former Georgian defense minister sentenced to four years in jail
Of Interest
# Jennifer Preston on verifying Tweets