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The Rundown -- November 4

RFE/RL in the Media
# MSNBC cites Claire Bigg's reporting on Orthodox Russian railway broadcasts
# RFE/RL reporting on Russia missile tests cited in "Ottawa Citizen"
# Read Claire Bigg in "The Atlantic" on the Belarusians who aren't happy about the Austrian drag queen set to perform at Eurovision
Middle East
# Kerry visits Cairo as Morsi trial begins
# "Egyptian John Stewart's" TV show suspended
# Hamas writing textbooks in Gaza
# Khamenei says he's skeptical of nuclear talks, but warns hardliners not to undermine them
# "Death to America" to go on at "den of spies" protest
# Jewish groups announce "time out" on Iran sanctions campaign
# "Talk to Iran, It Works" - Ryan Crocker, "New York Times"
# After drone strike kills Taliban leader, Pakistan says it's reconsidering thaw with U.S.
# "In Pakistan, Death by Drone Turns a Villain Into a Martyr" - Declan Walsh, "New York Times"
# "The Drone Didn't Kill a Taliban Peacemaker" - Damien McElroy, "The Telegraph"
# The $120,000 farmhouse where Mehsud died
# Despite $7 billion to combat it, poppy trade still flourishing
# Tolokonnikova missing for almost two weeks
# Bolotnaya trials sour protest mood in Moscow
# Russia's pre-Sochi terror crackdown
# "Russia's Foreign Policy is Nearing Complete Failure" - Stephen Sestanovich, "Financial Times"
# Kosovo vote marred by violence and intimidation
Eastern Europe
# "Anti-Semitism in the Ukraine and Elsewhere in Europe" - Michael Curtis, "The American Thinker"
# Massive "pro-Europe" rally in Chisinau
Central Asia
# Tajikistan election analysis
# Britain accused of "abandoning" embassy worker to Uzbek torture
# "Kyrgyzstan’s Most Wanted" - Philip Shishkin, "Foreign Affairs"
Of Interest
# Horthy statues popping up in Hungary
# Thousands of FBI files lost in Sandy
# Covering the LAX shooting on Twitter