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The Rundown -- November 5

Middle East

# Morsi defiant in court, says he's "legitimate president of Egypt"
# Forty percent of Syrians need international assistance, according to UN
# "The U.S. Plan to Build a Libyan Army" - Frederic Wehrey, "Foreign Affairs"
# Turn out on U.S. Embassy anniversary rally largest in years
# Why "death to America" remains
# "Israel Pushed Iran to the Table, Says Hagel" - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
# "The Case for Easing Sanctions on Iran" - Kimberly Elliott, "Foreign Affairs"
# "Pressure Iran With Tighter Sanctions" - Marco Rubio, Politico
# "Lead or Die" - E.B. Boyd, Fast Company
# U.S. to buy 30 Russian helicopters for Afghanistan
# Analysts: Anger over drone strike will ebb
# Thousands attend Russian nationalist march in Moscow
# "Russia's March Toward Ruin" - Vladimir Ryzhkov, "Moscow Times"
# Title VIII program axed
# Russia #7 on Business Insider's top 15 for expats
# "Where is Nadya?" - Masha Gessen, "New York Times"
Eastern Europe
# "Ukraine's Risky Bet" - Maxim Trudolyubov, "New York Times"
# "Kosovo's Long Goodbye to the Status Quo" - Idro Seferi, Al-Jazeera
# NATO condemns Kosovo violence
Central Asia
# "U.S Checked in Central Asia" - Joshua Kucera, "New York Times"
# Small rallies in front of Russian Embassy in Bishkek to protest nationalist marches
Of Interest
# "NSA Files Decoded" - "The Guardian"
# "It's the Golden Age of News" - Bill Keller, "New York Times"