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The Rundown -- November 8

RFE/RL in the Media
# Read Abdul Hai Kaka in "The Atlantic" on getting to know Malala
# BBC cites RFE/RL Ukrainian Service reporting on Ukrainian band fined in Russia for performing without a permit
Middle East
# Arafat mystery continues to unfold
# How Reddit is being used to scoop mainstream media on Syria
# Temporary nuclear deal to halt enrichment for six months said to be near
# Senate Committee to push through new sanctions
# "Did Obama and the West Just Capitulate to Iran?" - Benjamin Weinthal, "National Review"
# "What is Keeping the Ayatollah Up at Night" - J. Matthew McInnis, AEI
# "Iran: Don't Blame Us, Blame Our Tea Party" - Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor
# "Iraq's Plea for Help" - Theodore Karasik, "Al Arabiya"
# BP tries to quell Kirkuk on oil deal
# Saudi Arabia turning to Pakistan to train Syrian rebels
# Saudi Arabia has reportedly also ordered nuclear weapons from Pakistan
# "Abu Zubaydah's Journey From Student to Mujahedeen" - Jason Leopold, Al-Jazeera
# Man who ordered attack on Malala Yousafzai is now head of the Pakistani Taliban
# Reporter goes undercover as migrant worker
# "Stories of Being Gay in Russia" - David Herszenhorn, "New York Times"
# Chelyabinsk meteor glowed 30 times brighter than sun
# No U.S. krokodil epidemic after all
Eastern Europe
# "Yanukovych's Choice" - Alexander Motyl, "Foreign Affairs"
# "Ukraine: Vilnius or Bust?" - Timothy Ash, "Kyiv Post"
# In Belarus positive perceptions of EU increase to 55 percent, according to poll
Central Asia
# "Tajikistan to Face Tougher Challenges After Vote" - Ivan Nechepurenko, "Moscow Times"
Of Interest
# "Washington Post" profile of Sarah Harrison