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The Rundown -- November 12

RFE/RL in the Media
# mentions RFE/RL in story about "mobile-first newsroom"
# Read Makpal Mukankyzy in "The Atlantic" on Kazakhstan's tribal-based social network
# Read Brian Whitmore in "The Atlantic" on Russia's new nationalism
Middle East
# Lieberman returns as Israel foreign minister
# Syrian opposition group to join peace talks
# "John Kerry's Middle East Dream World" - Jackson Diehl, "Washington Post"
# Syrians "ask the unthinkable"
# Kerry blames Iran for lack of deal; Zarif fires back on Twitter
# "Why Iran's Military Won't Spoil Détente with the U.S." - Akbar Ganji, "Foreign Affairs"
# Israel says U.S. offered Iran more than what it said it would
# "Assets of the Ayatollah" - Steve Stecklow, Reuters
# Afghanistan's new love affair with beach volleyball
# Anti-U.S. conference in Kabul attended by 3,000
# U.S. interpreters being denied U.S. visas because "they face no threat"
# Senior Haqqani leader gunned down in Islamabad
# Syria polio strain from Pakistan
# "Russia’s ‘Stalingrad’ Is a Hit on Screen" - Andrew Roth, "New York Times"
# Discovering Russia's prison camps
Eastern Europe
# Do-it-yourself pothole repair in Ukraine
# Serbia wants EU accession talks to begin in December
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan legal system "a work in progress"
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