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The Rundown -- November 13

Middle East
# "The Turkey, Russia, Iran Nexus" - Samuel Brannan, CSIS
# "Turkish Columnists Eulogize Democracy" - Michael Rubin, "Commentary"
# Israel halts settlement exploration plan
# White House warns Congress against "march to war"
# How Iran uses Wikipedia to censor the Internet
# "Iran's Plutonium Game" - Jeremy Bernstein, "New York Review of Books"
# Afghan rap group for women's rights
# Impact of Haqqani leader's killing
# "In Karachi, Crime Leaves Few Families Untouched" - Mark Magnier, "Los Angeles Times"
# Pakistan has third highest casualty rate for journalists
# Some in tribal areas support drone strikes, but afraid to speak out
# Russian economy slowing
# Russian rights ombudsman says Tolokonnikova is in Siberia
# Russia demands apology from Warsaw after attack on Embassy
# "Russia's Iran Policy in Transition" - Fyodor Lukyanov, Al-Monitor
# Six suspected Islamists arrested in Kosovo
# Russia and Serbia to sign military cooperation agreement
Eastern Europe
# EU uncertainty deepens as Tymoshenko lawyer is arrested
# Dispute after shooting causes border closure between Azerbaijan and Iran
Central Asia
# "China's Changing Oil Calculus" - Rosemary Kelanic, National Interest
Of Interest
# "No spying" agreement between U.S. and Germany unlikely
# Czech Republic populist leader faces accusations he aided secret police in 1980s