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The Rundown -- November 15

Middle East
# (Warning: Graphic image) ISIS fighters accidentally decapitate ally
# "The Saudi Spring?" - Tarek Osman, Project Syndicate

# IAEA says Iran has slowed nuclear program over last three months
# Geneva deal would double Iran's "breakout time"
# "Inside Obama’s Iran Sanctions Strategy" - Eli Lake and Josh Rogin, Daily Beast
# "Why Saudi Arabia Hates the Iran Deal" - David Kenner, Foreign Policy
# "Why Pakistan Lionizes Its Tormenters" - Mohammed Hanif, "New Yorker"
# Pakistani Taliban in "dangerous disarray"
# New head of Pakistani Taliban staying in Afghanistan
# U.S. soldiers alleged involvement in Nerkh killings raise questions about immunity
# Box camera faces extinction in Afghanistan
# "In Iraq, a Day of Religious Observance, and of Blood" - Yasir Ghazi, "New York Times"
# South Korean media slams Putin visit
# Russia fears return of fighters from Syria
# Putin and Assad talk for first time in two years
# "A Fine Line for Activists in Russia" - Alan Cowell, "New York Times"
Eastern Europe
# Lithuania FM says deal can still be saved
# Belarus to cut the price of potash exports in 2014
# Vilnius Summit ushers in early campaign season in Moldova
# Thaci says participation in re-vote vital for peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo
# Serbia's "top tycoon" on trial for embezzlement
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan defense minister says country will strengthen bilateral ties with U.S.
# Four soldiers reportedly die in Turkmenistan after eating tainted salami
# Aliyev says 21st century will be century of Turkic world
# "Don't Write Off Azerbaijan Just Yet" - Matthew Bryza, CNN
Of Interest
# Merkel's coalition partner wants deficit-offending countries out of EU
# How "serious" news can be as sharable as "fun" news