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The Rundown -- November 19

RFE/RL in the Media

# Story in "Jerusalem Post" about Polish Jews, trying to reclaim property lost during WWII, mentions RFE/RL
Middle East
# The bizarre new memorial in Tahrir Square
# The weapons behind the Ghouta attack
# "Syria: On the Way to Genocide?" - Charles Glass, "New York Review of Books"
# "How an Iran Deal Might Hinge on One Simple Word" - Michael Crowley, "Time"
# "Stay the Dogs of War on Iran" - Leslie Gelb, Daily Beast
# "Why Hezbollah Loves the U.S.-Iran Nuke Deal" - David Kenner, Foreign Policy
# Iran unveils attack drone
# Afghanistan clinic, funded by Pentagon, closing due to lack of support
# Negotiations between Washington and Kabul at "impasse"
# Despite as many as 12,000 Taliban killed in last year, little hope of violence abating in Afghanistan
# "Pakistan's Man in Washington" - Husain Haqqani, Politico
# HIV infection rate grows 7 percent
# The world's largest open-pit asbestos mine is in Russia
# Putin accused of "Soviet tactics" in drafting new history books
# Russia to create new watchdog to crack down on piracy
# "Russian Oligarch Finds a New Vocation" - Celestine Bohlen, "New York Times"
Eastern Europe
# "Europe Needs Ukraine" - Slawomir Sierakowski, "New York Times"
# Ukraine to settle $1 billion Russian gas debt by year's end
# Moldova called "Eastern Partnership frontrunner"
# Bosnia soccer team prepares for homecoming in St. Louis
Central Asia
# Xi to visit Uzbekistan in late November
# Kazakhstan bills Russia for damages from Proton-M crash
# Aliyev and Sarkisian to meet for first time in two years
# U.S. ambassador to Georgia faces criticism for his comments on Abkhazia and South Ossetia
Of Interest
# "Presumed Innocent, but Caged in Court" - David Herszenhorn, "New York Times"